Ergocalciferol Drops from Patrin Pharma, USA
CALCIDOL Drops (Ergocalciferol Oral, USP) for Vitamin D deficiency.  The product is 8000IU/mL in a 60 mL(2Fl Oz) bottle (NDC 39328-357-60). The product has no taste and can be added to food, milk/juice/soda, making it simpler to take for children and adults. MADE IN THE USA.

CALCIDOL plays an important role in regulating calcium, phosphorus and minerals in the body and for promoting normal bone development. Lack of vitamin D may lead to rickets. Lack of Vitamin D in adults causes osteomalacia, in which calcium is lost from bones so that they become weak. CALCIDOL is also used with other medications to treat low levels of calcium or phosphate caused by certain disorders. For post-menopausal & breast feeding women,additional Vitamin D is highly recommended. Calcidol is an economical alternative to other brands and can save upto 50% without sacrificing the quality. It is manufactured in the USA in FDA inspected plant with the highest quality standards.
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